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Thali Weddings is the perfect place to find the perfect bride or groom for your dear and near. Thali Weddings caters to match-making, in a very traditional way and with genuine consent from all parties involved. With years of experience, we can do a good job when it comes to wedding match-making, wedding planning and organising.

Thali Weddings accept details from parents/guardians of prospective brides and grooms and work towards finding the best match.

'Vivaaha Porutham'

We also check and analyse 'vivaaha porutham' of the profiles listed with us free of charge and suggest the best options to you.

To search the Profiles and look up the perfect match for you,

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Our work has been greatly lauded by parents and guardians that form our valuable customers. We have been a great support for the many boys and girls who got connected through us and got wedded. We always look forward to your continued patronage and wholehearted support.

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